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Emily Gibby Photography

Wedding photography for the playful, joyful & relaxed couples

We are an experienced Coastal-Virginia based photography company that specializes in temple weddings. We recognize temples aren’t easy to find outside of Utah and we’re willing to travel the distance to capture your love story.


We understand the sanctity of a temple marriage and the importance of building a forever family. Our hope is that our shared values offer you confidence in knowing you can trust us to give you the best wedding experience possible.


We believe your photography experience should be fun, comfortable and full of laughter. Connect with us so we can learn more about your love story and decide if we’re a good fit.


Why work with Emily

My Background

A photographer who understands you and your needs

We share the same beliefs and values. Established in 2011, our professional and personal experience with temple weddings will put you at ease, because we know what’s most important and how to capture it.

My Photography style

Classic and natural wedding photography that represents you

Our style is a combination of photojournalistic and classic portraiture. We capture candid moments, but also focus on traditional portraits. Our images are natural, bright, colorful and fun. We want you to love your images for years to come!

My commitment to you

A wedding photographer who focuses on people first

This is your day. We want you to feel at ease knowing that we’re here to showcase you. Our emphasis will be on the temple, your joy as a newly sealed couple and your family. You day is unique to you and we want to capture it in the best way possible.

"Emily Gibby is the best! She’s super fun and sweet! She is very comfortable to be around. She made my experience with her exceptional! She is so talented and did a wonderful job on our wedding photos!"


Meet Emily

Hi, I'm Emily!

I’m a fun-loving wedding and portrait photographer passionate about strong marriages and documenting couples' stories through the art of photography. If you see me tapping my foot during your reception it's because it's taking all of my will power not to jump out on the dance floor and do the Cupid Shuffle with your friends and family.

Fun Facts about me:

  • I like a quiet night at home, but I’m also outgoing and love to laugh. (I should come up with an alter ego like Beyoncé when she is Sasha Fierce.)
  • I can't stop watching the train wreck known as The Bachelor, and I know way too much about all things pop culture. (Trivia night, anyone?)
  • I love food, which goes hand in hand with my love of cooking, and thankfully my love of working out.
  • I met my husband on MySpace (when it was still cool), and I adore my family more than words can say.
  • I’m a strong believer that our differences make us beautiful.

Watch to learn more:

Your wedding is the beginning of a great adventure

We specialize as a traveling temple wedding photography company and look forward to each new adventure with brave couples who hold our same values. We’re here to capture your love story.