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Meet & Greet with Elizabeth Henson Photography

Last Thursday, I had the privilege of attending a Meet & Greet hosted by the amazing Elizabeth Henson.  It was a chance to not only learn from Elizabeth but to network with some amazing women in the photography industry!  (Not pictured is the talented Holly of Just Dandy Events)

Where do I even begin about Elizabeth?  This girl is real.  REAL talented.  REAL funny.  REAL genuine.  She’s the REAL deal! (And I know that probably wasn’t grammatically correct but this is my blog and I’m keeping it REAL!)  haha!  

All kidding aside, I just adored Elizabeth!  Have you ever had an expectation of what someone would be like?  After following Elizabeth’s work and watching her promo video, I had the impression that she was a happy and positive person who is incredibly driven.  Well after meeting her,  I quickly came to realize that she was all that and then some! (All that and a bag of chips *two finger snaps*)  I felt uplifted by her motivating words and loved her sweet personality.  If you ever have a chance of meeting her, I say do it!   

Thank you Elizabeth for having me.  I hope this isn’t the last time we can collaborate! 🙂  

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