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A Family Portrait List is Important: 5 Reasons Why!

A Family Portrait List is important! One of the biggest things I get complimented on during weddings is how quickly and efficiently I do family portrait time. This is because I always get a FAMILY PORTRAIT LIST prior to the wedding day! As a result, the family portrait time is quick and painless!

Family Portrait List

 “Emily conquered our large family at the Washington DC Temple and all of our extended families have not stopped praising her for her organization with family photos. She makes everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera and gets all of the kids attention!” 

-Kim (EGP Bride)
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Family Portrait List

Family Picture Lists are always important, but especially important during temple weddings. Family is the core of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

“In addition to being the bedrock of society, the family is central to God’s plan for the eternal happiness of all His children. And He has made it possible for family relationships to last beyond this life, not merely “until death do you part.”
Family Portrait List

How does Making a Family Portrait List Help?

1. Saves Time

I send a questionnaire before each wedding and ask the couple to list each family grouping (including first names) that they want taken at the temple. From there, I rearrange the list to make it flow! For example, I work from the largest group to the smallest and get pictures of grandparents and small children first. (See the series of photos below)

2. Helps Everyone “Standing By” know what’s next!

We all know family members get antsy during family photos (especially if you have a large family). It’s hot or cold….. They’re tired….. They want to go to cocktail hour….They don’t like having their picture taken. I’ve heard it all. With a printed list and often a designated assistant, I am able to let keep the crowd “in-the-know” about what’s on deck. As mentioned in number 1, with an organized list everyone knows what is happening and how long they are needed.

3. It Ensures You Don’t Forget

No matter how good our memories are, we are human. We forget things. With a family portrait list in place, we can be present in the moment and have one less thing to worry about. On your wedding day, there will be a million things on your mind. The last thing I want you to do is stress about trying to remember who you want to get a picture with. I will have several printed copies of the list, we create together, to ensure nothing is missed!

4. Prevents Drama

In the family questionnaire I ask if there are any family situations (including divorces, bad blood, etc) that I should know about. For instance, I have had requests that certain individuals not stand next to one another. Had I not asked, I would have never known. Phew! Crisis averted! I always appreciate it when I know ahead of time so that potentially heated situations can be avoided. NO DRAMA is always a good thing! 😉 Especially on your wedding day! So let’s take Mary J. Blige’s advice “NO MORE DRAMA”

5. You get the Pictures you will Frame

When you take the time to make this list it allows me to capture the pictures that mean the most. Nobody frames a picture of their jewelry. Just saying. Having various portraits of your family members is priceless. Framed portraits make great gifts and mean the most to your family.

And that’s it! 5 Reason’s why having a family portrait list is important!

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